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Investment and love for life

Vysoký Újezd has a population of just 700 and is located only 25 km southwest of the center of Prague. This close to the capital yet located so close to nature, Vysoký Újezd is becoming a very lucrative location sought by those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy life in a peaceful community of friendly neighbors.

Vysoký Újezd at your service

Vysoký Újezd is a small, quiet town where you will find everything you need. In the center there is a post office, a school and a kindergarten and a historic castle which is currently undergoing extensive reconstruction. Soon it will become a modern spa & wellness resort and Vysoký Újezd will get a brand new temple of relaxation right at its heart and for you to enjoy.

Golf, nature, trips

Will you spend a weekend afternoon at the golf course, visiting Karlštejn, walking through the Křivoklát forests, going to the Koněprusy Caves or to the Velká Amerika quarry? All these amazing places are right around the corner when you live in Vysoký Újezd.

So close to Prague

The center of Prague is incredibly close and Zličín is even closer. You can easily get to the metropolis by car of course, but you can also hop on the bus line that goes from Vysoký Újezd to Zličín regularly, every hour almost all day. In a mood for a bigger trip? The airport is just a 20 minute drive.

Bright future

Cost of living and of property in Prague is climbing to staggering heights so it is no surprise that living outside the city is a current trend. Thanks to its proximity to Prague and all the amazing features of the area, Vysoký Újezd is a thriving and promising place to live in.

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