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Technical Standards


Black Roofs also include solar panels. You can enjoy your own photovoltaic panels with an output of 3.42 kWp. They are made of high quality CanadianSolar panels made of polycrystalline. The panels are maintenance-free and very durable up to several decades and have a proven low failure rate. They will help you save on electricity, insuring you against rising costs and, of course, help you to become self-sufficient in terms of green energy.

Heatflow heating

In your new home, economical, maintenance-free and healthy floor heating awaits you. Heatflow is smart and easy to use, knows your habits and acts accordingly. Its durability usually exceeds the durability of the floors.

Heat recovery and heat pump

You can recover waste heat thanks to the high quality heat recovery unit in Black Roofs. This means your home will always be full of fresh air without losing heat, as happens with regular ventilation. Your comfort will go up and your expenses down, thanks also to a top level heat pump that received the A class energy label. Comfortable living with optimal air temperature and ‘green’ heating, awaits.

Advantages of wooden construction

Black Roofs houses are elegant, modern wooden buildings, that bring a number of advantages. Wooden buildings are more spacious, variable and airy than other types of buildings. Moreover, they do not accumulate an overabundance of heat into the walls, so their heating is ecological and economical.

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