Villa - Black Roofs

The layout of the villa

The villas feature two floors and a living area of ​​almost 120 m². Upon entering the house, you will find yourself in a spacious lobby, which according to architect Ján Strcula, resembles a cathedral. The villa is 8 meters high. Downstairs you can find the bedroom, from which you can access the garden.


Each villa has a garden spanning more than 500 m². It is an ideal place to relax after a long work day or where you can sit with friends.

Green outdoor view

Every morning, you can enjoy the view of the surrounding greenery. For the case of Black Roofs, the view won’t change. The grounds in front of the villas are protected. It is guaranteed that the front area won’t have any new houses built, so the exceptional view will remain the same.

Smart household

The villas are built with a new Smart Home system. You won’t have to worry about turning off the stove or switching off the lights. You can control the whole operation of your home from your mobile or tablet, with just one click.


These are highly energy-efficient buildings bearing the energy label A and they’re equipped with a heat pump, which can save up to two-thirds of normal energy costs compared to electrical heating. This will save you thousands of crowns per year on operating costs.

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